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Come to the Garden Book | Angelic Escort to Heaven

Angelic Escort to Heaven

My uncle Cecil was a wonderful and funny man and was by far my favorite uncle. He always made everyone laugh and loved having a good time. His faith was not exactly where it should’ve been until the Dr gave him a grim report that he had stage 3 lung cancer. Everything began to change for uncle Cecil including a lot of soul searching.
Cecil began his radiation and chemotherapy treatments and it was evident that he was searching for God for the first time I could remember. He started attending church and even got baptized. Needless to say that the family was elated and shocked at the same time.
His health began to decline rapidly to the point that he was homebound and in a hospital bed. His lovely wife, Rose, was taking good care of him alongside of the local hospice nurses.
One day the hospice nurses called my mother, his sister, and told the family to come and say their final goodbyes. Our family went in and sat around the bed for several days off and on. The final day that we visited was when this strange but exciting phenomenon happened.
For some reason I was the only one in the room with Cecil. He was barely breathing and I kept walking over to him to make sure he was breathing. I walked back over to sit down in a reclining chair when all of a sudden this very exuberant bright light began filling the room. I normally would’ve been terrified but this overwhelming peace flooded over me like warm honey. The light kept getting brighter and brighter and I was one-hundred percent certain it was not from the outside because the blinds were shut to keep the sun out of Cecil’s eyes. I felt a holy presence and didn’t know what to do, so I quickly jumped up and kneeled down on my knees as if in the presence of some holy being. As quickly as the light came in, it also began to descend. I am not sure how I knew this but I knew in my heart that the beautiful light was his angel, coming to escort Cecil to heaven. When the light left the room, I got back up off my knees and quietly walked over to his bedside. Sure enough, Cecil had passed away at the very moment that light appeared to take him home.
Luke 16:19-22 teaches us about the beggar who died and an angel came and carried him home. “ The beggar died and was carried home by the angels of the Lord. “
Beth Stewart
Triumphant Living radio talk host

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