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Come to the Garden Book | Reviews

Five Stars and Book Award Winner

Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards Contest

Jennifer has written an amazing and beautiful book where she introduces us to a lovely angel named 'Margaret,' who creates a special and safe place for people to come and share their stories.

~Kathie Lee Gifford, The Today Show on NBC

Come to the Garden is a beautiful work of love and peace

~ Nicole Smith, "Change is in the Air with Nicole Smith” (KBRT) Radio Program

Jennifer Morgan’s ‘Come to the Garden’ is an absolute, must read. Its storyline is not only gripping and compelling, but truly inspiring as well.


A retelling of ‘A Christmas Carol’ with a little bit more of an inspirational slant.

~WFAA-TV (ABC Dallas),

Wonderful, delightful story for all ages.

~Roger Marsh, "The Bottom Line with Roger Marsh” (KBRT) Radio Program

I just love these types of stories.

~Beth Stewart, “Triumphant Living with Beth Stewart” (Beth Stewart Ministries)

Jennifer Wilder Morgan is an exceedingly creative writer. With sanctified imagination she opens a window into God's love and provision.

~Rev. Dr. Ed Robb, III, National United Methodist Church leader and Senior Pastor of The Woodlands UMC

'Come to the Garden’ by Jennifer Wilder Morgan is more than a book about angels - it is a collection of stories that reinforce hope. The stories serve as a gateway to bring forth a silver lining during dim times in life., Premier website for faith, belief and spirituality

This book edified my soul and I know it will edify yours. Not only was the story amazing, but Jennifer's writing style impressed me deeply.

~Jamie Holloway, Jamie Chases Butterflies Blog

This unconventional and charming narrative will strike deep into the hearts of anyone seeking a greater understanding of God.

~Radiant Lit, Reviewers of Christian literature for women

Some years ago, as a spiritual director, I quickly realized that I was sitting in the presence of a woman specially gifted with living in a thin place, where the veil between the here and the not-here trembles with anticipation of new encounters with the Divine.

~Constance Bovier, Author of More God, From the Crucible and Restoring Hope

What a blessing Come to the Garden was right from the start! It is a reminder of how God is waiting for us to use the gifts He gives us to transform the lives of others.

~Julie and Katie Black, Co-founders of the Contemporary Christian Women’s Academy

Jennifer’s authenticity and fresh style, combined with Kathie Lee’s superb narration performance, will captivate readers and cause many to explore their own pathway to God’s presence.

~Frank Eakin, Eakin Films & Publishing, leading producer of star–based book-movie projects, publisher of New York Times Best Seller 12 Years a Slave

I soon felt a burning need to put aside everything else I was reading and devour this amazing book that chronicles a uniquely gifted woman’s lifelong spiritual journey.

~Tom Stoerzbach, HP Writer

Ms. Morgan offers the reader an in-depth look into a rare and fascinating faith journey.

~Rev. Dr. Theodore M. Smith, Coordinator of Congregational Care and theological consultant, Krist Samaritan Center

I was hooked from the first page. You cannot help but be drawn into the intimacy of the setting as Jennifer shares her experiences with listening to God’s voice with the wise, funny, coffee-loving angel.

~Louise Kramer, Director of Music Ministries, The Woodlands United Methodist Church

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