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Come to the Garden Book | Turn Curveballs into Marshmallows

Turn Curveballs into Marshmallows

Beloved family traditions are so important to me, and I have always dreamed of passing them on to my own family. Life threw me a curve with my inability to have biological children, but God has blessed me with a stepson, nieces, nephews and special “heart children” that have eagerly received the love I have to give and the traditions I have to pass on.

My stepson has adopted my love of time spent in the kitchen creating flavorful dishes and serving them in the atmosphere of candlelight. I have educated many children, young and old, on the art of extinguishing candles with an antique candle snuffer! I have shared my love of fashion, hair and makeup with my nieces, and arts, music, nature and space exploration with my nephews.

Recently, I spent a delightful evening with my dear friend’s son, Paul. Paul is the kid everyone loves, including me. While his parents were out for the evening, Paul and I spent the evening having dinner, watching a movie and the best part, at his request … roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. There is something magical about sitting by the fire … with no technology involved … giggling over fun stories, screaming over marshmallows that burst into flames … and devouring perfectly constructed marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker smores. (OK … I may have had to produce a Bandaid for a finger slightly burned by a melted marshmallow.)

I thank God for these precious times in life, when I can share my family traditions with any who will receive them, and relish in the love and laughter that they produce.

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