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Come to the Garden Book | Houston Meets the Snowman

Houston Meets the Snowman

We are expecting another winter storm in Houston today and tomorrow. My sweet whippet, Cody, is ready…snuggled deep under his blanket!  If I were to write a children’s story about this unusually cold winter, it would begin something like this…

“Icicles clinging to his thick white fur, the abominable snowman grinned as he aimed his giant cannons toward the south. One by one, he fired off each blast of arctic air, sending waves of freezing cold, ice and snow throughout the landmass below, reaching as far as the Gulf of Mexico. When he was finished, the lands were encased in a deep freeze.  It was eerily quiet as humans stayed inside their houses and huddled under blankets to stay warm. The abominable snowman clapped his hands with glee…he had always wanted to visit Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, but it was just too warm.  Now that they were sufficiently frozen, he could realize his dream! He knew he had better hurry…for it did not stay cold for very long that far south. He quickly packed his knapsack and headed for the beach…”   🙂

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